Sara G.

I called Global AC during the weekend and Jordan came by and answered all our questions and let us know that they also do payment plans which were a huge Plus for us they installed my new AC unit on Wednesday. I have to say I’m very pleased with the work Jordan and George did. I even like that Roland the owner came by in the morning with them and let us know what they were going to be doing and that we were in good hands. I’ve already noticed a huge difference with this new unit it works way better than the old one the house had. It’s staying cold in all the rooms and my daughter is not coughing anymore right away she stopped and when we would use the old unit she was constantly coughing like I couldn’t even turn it on because she would just start coughing. I really want to thank you guys for your work and making this affordable for us because it really helped out a lot with my daughter’s allergies. Thank you.

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